Saturday, November 12, 2016

importent messig to my folohers

hello i kno u r under the impresion that i am katie, a yung innocent litle girl who duz crafts. but do not be fooled. i am actualy k8 - a teen girl suffring with depreshion and sucidal thots. the craft wer only an act to cover up my deepest depreshion. i am in luv with a boi now but he luvs anothr. he told me that i am only his frend and now he is datin that nastie womun who thinx she is better than me???? now thanx to her i am having the depreshion and i kno longer want to blog. just becus i am depresed duz not meen i want to dye i just want my luver's luv to dye. but blogging was my pashion and now i will not do it so i am basickly sueicidal. c u on the other side.