Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fun Stuff To Do On An Indoor Day

Is it way too hot to go outside or just a rainy day. Try some of these fun activities to make staying inside for the the day fun!

Write a Play
Write an awesome play with characters, plot lines and scenes. Gather some friends and family to perform it! Or if you want to go Hollywood turn your play into a movie instead, you can use movie editing apps like iMovie to make your movie awesome.

Create Your Favorite Dish
Search through some cookbooks and choose your favorite recipes then make a small portion of each one and eat them all together. Or find a creative way to mix them together.

Create Some Cool Back To School Supplies
Back to school is almost here so you could just have boring back to school supplies or you could make them fun by personalizing them. Click here;1 to find some cool back to school crafts.

Beat Everyone's High Score
If you have a tablet or a smartphone download a bunch of apps that look fun and try to beat your high score or beat everyone's and make it in the top ten! Having a bit of trouble finding cool apps check out the top tens and look at some of those apps.

Put Together a Movie Marathon
Pick some of your favorite movies (consult with others too), pop some popcorn and you're all set. If you want want to get even more creative turn you living room (or wherever you're watching the movies) into a mini movie theater with curtains, lights and a concession stand.

If you have any ideas or projects to do on a rainy day please share them with us.

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