Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How To Make Cute Little Fairy Dolls

This is my first real post, so please comment so I can make my blog as awesome as possible. Today I'm going to show you guys how to make tiny fairy dolls out of pipe cleaners. I got a bunch of ideas from a ton of different places and I mashed them all up together to make this. For more fairy making ideas and where I got most of of mine go to treasuresfortots.blogspot.com/2009/10/how-to-make-tiny-fairy-doll.html

You Will Need:
1 Pipe Cleaner
16 Millimeter Wooden Bead (Unfinished)
Light Peach Embroidery Floss
Needlepoint Thread
Sharpie Pens (for the face)
Faux Flowers (for the dress)
Embellishment Glue or a Hot Glue
Faux Leaves

First fold the pipe cleaner in half, like this.
Push the wooden bead up the pipe cleaner and leave a
loop at the top.

 Take the needlepoint thread and unwind it until you
have a long piece, then cut it and fold it until it's about
6 inches long, thread it through the loop and pull the
pipe cleaner down from the bottom end until you
can barely see the loop.
 Twist the pipe cleaner a few times to make sure the
head will stay on. Then form the body like this.
Take the embroidery floss and tie a tight knot just
below the the head and start wrapping it around the
first part of the arm.
 Once you get down to the end (about the length of the
last picture) Fold the arm back and tie both parts
 When you're done wrap the thread around the "chest"
and criss cross a few times like the picture.
 Start wrapping the thread down the torso until you get
 to the waist. Then choose a leg and start
wrapping that leg. Tip: Wrap the torso a
few times so the chest sort of blends in.
 Once you get down to the "foot" bend the small foot
part back and wrap back up to the torso.
 Wrap the torso with another layer of thread.
Split the thread in half and tie a knot. Cut off
 the rest of the string and be careful not to cut off
 the knot.
 Draw on her face with your pens. Add a nose, mouth
and eyes. I added cute little freckles.
 Use the flowers to make skirts and hats. To glue the
skirt on cut in-between two of the petals and make
a whole big enough to fit around her waist then wrap
 it around her waist and glue the petals together.


  1. Love it! When Caroline get home from ME we are going to make them. Your step-by-step direction were great (so great that even I can follow them)! Who needs Pinterest when we have Katie Mac?

    1. Thanks, let me know how your project turns out!

  2. I am very impressed with your blog...you are so talented! Can't wait to see more fun posts ;)

  3. i tryed to make it and it did not work u r a lyer and a scoundrel